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Gestion Jean Bourdeau inc.

Corporate Security – Investigation – Compliance

Gestion Jean Bourdeau Inc. (GJB) is a corporate security consulting firm specializing in corporate security, investigation and compliance.


manage consulting services, investigations, implementation and audits of management systems based on ISO standards.

Our team is motivated by a strong sense of loyalty, discretion and the delivery of reliable consulting services.

Jean Bourdeau M.A.P., PCIP and Serge Barbeau M.A.P., CPP, PCIP, PFSO are both Certified PECB ISO 37001 Lead Implementer, Lead Auditors, PECB Certified Management System Auditors and PECB Certified Trainers. Furthermore, both associates are Certified PECB ISO 18788 Lead Implementer and Lead Auditors.

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Our experts have successfully conducted projects for major private and public companies, government ministries and agencies in Canada, Iraq, Afghanistan, Algeria, Morocco, Haiti and Bolivia.

Certified Partner

Mission Statement

Deliver to our clients superior and discreet consulting services in the field of corporate security, investigation and compliance, so they can conduct their business successfully and with confidence.


Discretion in carrying out our mandates is the foundation of trust. Our past successes in sensitive investigations and complex consulting projects, clearly demonstrates the importance we attach to being discreet in all facets of our business.


Our mandates are conducted in accordance with laws and regulations and within the time and financial constraints of our clients. Applied ethics, accountability and openness in our dealings with our clients are the basis of our business relationships.


Our mandates are conducted in accordance with corporate security international standards and best practices. Our associates have all the skills and expertise to deliver superior security services across a wide range of business challenges.

Conduct your business with confidence!