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Corporate Security – Investigation – Compliance

Implementation and audits of Security operations management systems (SOMS) ISO 18788

The adoption and implementation of a range of security operations management techniques in a systematic manner can contribute to optimal outcomes for all stakeholders and affected parties. Adoption of ISO 18788 International Standard will help achieve optimal security operations outcomes.

The Security Operations Management Systems (SOMS)  incorporates the best available practices, techniques and technologies, where appropriate and where economically viable.


  • Consulting and support in the implementation of Security Operations Management Systems (SOMS)

  • Certified training for management and employees of organizations wishing to implement SOMS

  • Pre-certification audits

  • Certification audits

  • Surveillance audits.

Investigations, intelligence and due diligence

Whether to acquire a company, invest, or hire staff, good governance requires decision makers to have accurate, relevant and timely information. Our expertise in investigations, intelligence and due diligence contributes to good decision making by our clients while managing residual risks.

  • Security audits

  • Compliance investigations

  • Personal and professional background investigations

  • Sensitive and complex investigations

  • Investors profiles

  • Protection of intellectual property

Implementation and audits of Anti-Bribery management systems (ISO 37001)

Bribery is a widespread phenomenon. It raises serious social, moral, economic and political concerns, undermines good governance, hinders development and distorts competition. It also increases the cost of doing business, introduces uncertainties into commercial transactions, increases the cost of goods and services and interferes with the fair and efficient operation of markets.

In October 2016 ISO 37001 standard was adopted to standardize best practices to prevent, detect and respond to bribery. This international standard applies to all types of organizations, may they be governmental, private or not for profit.

ISO 37001 is a certifiable standard which gives credibility and transparency in organizational governance.

  • Consulting and support in the implementation of an Anti-bribery management system (ABMS)

  • Certified training for management and employees of organizations wishing to implement an ABMS

  • Pre-certification audits

  • Certification audits

  • Surveillance audits

Assessment and risk management

GBJ associates have the skills to assess and support management of risks, threats and vulnerabilities that companies and institutions are exposed to.

Our approach helps our clients define acceptable risks and with our support, to determine appropriate means to minimize the effects of risks, threats and vulnerabilities on their operations. Our philosophy is to provide our clients with useable real world solutions.

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection

  • Review of physical security posture

  • Planning and coordination of security operations

  • Development and review of crisis management plans

  • Development and review of emergency response plans

  • Support in strategic crisis management

Prevention and Training

Prevention and education are key aspects to ensure participation of managers, staff and employees in the various asset protection programs. GBJ associates have the skills and expertise to develop extensive awareness prevention and training programs.

  • Review of prevention programs and training of staff and employees

  • Review and develop procedures and guidelines for security operations

  • Assess the needs of prevention and training programs

  • Development of training curricula

  • Training of managers, staff and employees


  • Conflict coaching

    Conflict coaching is a personalized help to enable a person to deal with a conflict situation. The coach can help a person identify and develop new practical skills to resolve a conflict, to replace unsuccessful ways of dealing with conflicts.

  • Facilitation or facilitated discussion

    Facilitation or facilitated discussion is an informal process whereby a third party uses techniques to improve the flow of information during a meeting between the parties. This assistance should allow participants to communicate more effectively and to find an agreement that is consistent with their mutual needs and interests.

  • Mediation

    Mediation is a voluntary and informal dispute resolution process whereby a mediator helps the parties to reach an agreement that meets or responds to their interests. The mediator facilitates conflict resolution by allowing parties to clarify issues, determine underlying causes, and manage points of agreement and disagreement.

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